Moviestarplanet characters list

Best Moviestarplanet Characters List

Founded in 2009, MovieStarPlanet often shortened for MSP is a Danish game played by users across the globe of the ages 8 to 15 years. Apart from its obvious operation in Finland, it is extensively played in 14 other countries.

It was developed by MovieStarPlanet Apps and can now be played online or installed from the Google PlayStore or Apple Store all for free vip! It also has moviestarplanet characters.

Unless a user wishes to become a MSP VIP member or purchase a Diamond Package in which case, payment is required. It is a social game wherein your character can talk to others and gain fame by acting in movies, designing clothes, creating artbooks, and much more.

When one enters the game, they get to customize their own character starting from the gender, to the facial structure, to the clothes, and at last, the footwear.

Pixi Star And Zac Sky

The user must also have a unique username for their characters which would be displayed to other characters. As soon as this is done, females are introduced to Pixi Star and males to Zac Sky. The two of them are the first characters that are introduced to the user in the life of the game. They both serve as guides to the new players of the game.

The predecessor of Pixi Star is Samantha. Samantha served as a guide from 2009 to 2015. Interestingly, Pixi Star’s closet still contains the outfit of Samantha. Samantha could also be cast as an extra in movies, but now if she is cast, she comes along with the tag ‘Pixi Star’ and not ‘Samantha.’

Becca Beats

A main character in the game is Becca Beats, and she will be found across the game while playing it. She is featured in both the mobile shop for a female player and the animations list. She has a boonie named “Phunkee.”

The two are seen posing on the cover of the Markwins MovieStarPlanet makeup kit. She is also seen on the homepage of the merchandise shop of the game and has posed for the cover page of one and is present in several magazines. Her male counterpart is Zeke Cassidy.

Starla Sky

Starla Sky is the first main character both genders would see if they choose to pursue a career as a movie star. She is also featured on the cover of the Markwins MovieStarPlanet makeup kit with her own boonie and is on the cover page of one magazine while being present in several magazines.

In addition, she is also seen on the in-game item “MSP Bed.”
Roxy Ramone, the previous face of the “create and rate” game, is present on the cover of Markwins MovieStarPlanet makeup kit with her boonie. She is also on the homepage and footer of the merchandise shop of the game.

Holly Nova

Holly Nova provides the inside scoop about celebrities and stars in the game as she as a news reporter for the “MSP Buzz” channel. She can currently be found on the UK, DE and US servers.

If a character chooses to pursue a career as a socialite, they are sure to interact with Coco. She is the sister to Caeser who is used in the career choice of a Fashion Guru.

As of 2013, this game was played by 100 million users and is only expanding in terms of users as days go on! You can easily categorize yourself in some way to moviestarplanet categorize.