Best Garena Free Fire Guns

List Of Best Garena Free Fire Guns

An overview of the weapons of the Garena free fire

Garena free fire is also known as a free fire battleground or free fire. It is an electronic mobile game. It is an action-adventure battle royale like of game, developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena.

This game comprises of fifty players falling from a parachute in a chosen island in the quest for weapons and ammunition to kill the other players. Players are free to choose their starting point, take weapons, and also acquire supplies to get extended life.

It is a third-person perspective game. To start playing, one needs to create a personal id or in-game account. You can also play by logging into any social networking account such as Facebook. After logging in the player has to set their profile as per their desire.

The players should also explore the game to get knowledge about the game and also the playing techniques. By setting the profile, the player can opt for Classic mode or Ranked mode. These are the tab on which you have to click and choose the desired gameplay. 

Best Garena Free Fire Guns

This article deals with the set of weapons provided in the gameplay. Following are Garena free fire guns which can be collected while playing. You can choose a variety of guns from below in the gameplay for combat and killing the other players without Free Fire hack.

1. Grenade launchers

A grenade launcher is the most vital part of any arms inventory. Garena free fire comprises two types of guns that are capable of firing grenades.

 Those are M79 and MGL 140. M79 is a single shot, shoulder-fired grenade launcher. MGL140 is a type of grenade launcher which is a lightweight 40 mm revolver type launcher that has six-shot.

2. Submachine guns or SMG

In the category of SMG guns Garena free fire, the gameplay has numerous options which consist of UMP, P90, MP5, VSS, and MP40. These are quite handy and enables the player to fire numerous round. These help a lot in the gameplay.

3. Assault rifles

The most important and vivid gun type is assault rifles. The gameplay of this game consists of SCAR, M14, GROZA, SKS, M4A1, AK, FAMAS, XM8, M60 and M249. These rifles are a selective rifle that uses power cartridge in a detachable magazine.

4. Traditional tools

The gameplay of Garena free fire also consists of some orthodox combat tools which are used for combat. Machete, pan, sword, and bat are included in this weapon kitty. These are mostly used for melee combat in the game.   

5. Bow

It also comprises of the crossbow which is quite handy and plays an important role if you are unable to find any weapon at the start. The kill is lethal by this weapon.

6. Sniper rifles

Sniper rifles are high precision rifles, which are used for long-distance shots. It also fulfills sniper missions. It fulfills the need for a tactical strategy to long-range surveillance, effective kill with a massive probability to kill. The gameplay consists of AWM and KAR98K rifles to fulfill the sniper oriented game.

As per the popularity of these types of games, Garena free fire is exciting. The player can choose from a variety of guns and also the ammunition is also provided in the gameplay. Good luck with your game!