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Our unique technology and approach make it easy, efficient and natural to view, print, and store documents that you received as e-mail attachments or have stored on your memory card (e.g. SD card).
Why Choose BeamSuite?
  • By far the fastest way to view documents on your BlackBerry
  • Original quality viewing and optimized natural scrolling
  • Memory card and device memory support
  • Supports over 1500 different printers
  • Convenient zoom levels
  • Intuitive user interface that saves you time
  • Unlimited online document storage
  • Virtual file system for document management
  • Use your regular e-mail composer to attach stored documents
  • Quick OTA download
  • No annual subscriptions (one time fee)
Learn how BeamSuite is different from Documents To Go that comes integrated with BlackBerry OS 4.5+
View PDF and Office Documents
BeamSuite allows you to view documents (PDF, Word, PPT, XLS, RTF, ZIP archives) that you received as e-mail attachments or have stored on your memory card (e.g. SD card). These documents are displayed in their original form exactly as they would look on your computer. There are no extra steps for you to perform, simply open a document attachment when you receive your e-mail and the content is displayed on your screen in just a few seconds. There are no extra e-mails cluttering your inbox.

With BeamSuite you can view your document on virtually any type of BlackBerry device, not just the most advanced and latest kind.
Print Documents to a Bluetooth Enabled Printer
BeamSuite is much more than a document viewer though. You can also print your documents directly from your BlackBerry to any Bluetooth enabled printer. Simply pair your BlackBerry device with the printer and print your documents.

If your printer is not Bluetooth enabled, you can still print your documents to it by connecting a Bluetooth printer adapter to your printer that connects to the printer’s USB port. A key differentiator of our solution is that it allows you to easily and transparently print to over 1500 compatible printers from virtually any BlackBerry device, not just the latest and the most powerful BlackBerry.
Store Document Attachments
Our software also gives you the ability to store document attachments that you receive. You can store these documents in various folders that you create, just like you would on the file system. The virtual file system, accessible via an intuitive BeamSuite file browser, gives you an unlimited storage capacity. You can transfer documents back and forth between virtual file system, memory card and internal device memory.

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